A statement from the Portland DSA Safety Working Group

A series of five illustrations. From left to right, the first four represent police officers in increasingly militarized gear. The fifth and final illustration is a Dumpster with a broom leaning up against it. A DSA logo appears in the lower right corner
illustration by Brubaker, courtesy of DSA

With his latest statement, Ted Wheeler actively threatens the safety of Portland residents. By directing unknown people to track, record, and report so-called “black bloc” protesters, he is jeopardizing the safety and security of any number of Portland residents. These residents…

A line of police across the bottom of the photo. Behind them are a row of trees in Lents Park. A police SUV and more officers are visible in the background. Blue sky appears above the scene.
Police at Lents Park on Friday, April 16, 2021

Portland DSA condemns the police murder of our community member, Robert Douglas Delgado, yesterday in Lents Park.

The brutality of policing is an everyday horror perpetrated against the most marginalized people in our society — and it is a tool of capitalism to maintain inequality.

Last year, Portlanders mobilized alongside…

By Emily Castle and Serena Howell, Portland DSA Ecosocialist Working Group

A round red graphic with two hands shaking hands. The hand on the left is drawn with a black line, and the hand on the right with a white line. Above the hands is a lightning bolt, drawn with a black line, pointing down to the middle of the handshake.
Image from NYC-DSA Public Power Campaign. Design by Ethan Fox.

Photo of Portland, Oregon sign, superimposed over houseless encampment

This decision will result in more evictions, more houselessness, and more suffering. Our commissioners should reverse this immediately.

Portland has the highest concentration of low income tenants in Oregon. Strong protections were and still are necessary. But MultCo commissioners have decided to retract their prior protections, and defer to the…

Portland DSA

The Portland chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America. Hailing from all corners of the socialist left, our goal is a better world beyond capitalism.

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